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What we teach

Farming God's Way is a resource developed in Africa. It is a well-balanced discipleship and development curriculum that educates and empowers.  Dependency on foreign aid, charities, and governments stagnate lives and entire economies.  Using Farming God's Way, we teach people to free themselves from the yoke of poverty and use the resources God has given them to thrive. 

Below are the key elements of our curriculum.


We believe that salvation alone is not the fullness of God's plan for us. God designed for us to walk with Him and have a relationship with Him.  Walking fully in relationship with God means turning over every aspect of your life to God.  When we do this, our farming becomes a reflection of our faith in Him. As we walk alongside God in our fields and farm the way God intends, our lands become healed and our potential is realized.  



Sustainable profitability is a key part of what we teach.  Essentially, to make a profit on your farm year in and year out.  One thing we teach people is "you can't manage what you don't measure."  In order for farmers to come out of poverty, they must be strategic and purposeful with their farms.  We teach farmers to plant at locally relevant seed populations and accurately measured fertilizer levels, when to plant, when to weed, and more; in order to maximize crop yields. 



We don't believe in teaching people technology that isn't relevant to them.  For most of the farmers we work with, a hoe is the only piece of farm equipment they own.  That's okay, it is a great place to start. We teach farmers to be faithful with what they have, to work hard and work smart.  Agrihope demonstrates through seminars and comparative gardens how to use the hoe as a powerful tool to combat poverty.  

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Farming God's Way Video Series

Grant Dryden of South Africa features excellent videos on implementing Farming God's Way.  Try it out in your own garden.

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