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Administrative Costs

Agrihope's CEO does not take a salary. Administrative costs are kept to a minimum due to volunteers donating their time to make sure money donated goes straight to programs in Africa.


Revenue for Agrihope in 2019

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Agrihope increased funds raised in 2019.  We were able to use those resources to purchase land and a vehicle, as well as launch a Trainer to Sierra Leone.


Average $ Spent/Country

We remain amazingly efficient at using resources for highly effective programs.

Our average amount spent is minimal compared to the amount of farmers we reach each year.


Average Salary for Trainer

Due to funding we are only able to pay them a fixed amount.  The average American missionary raises over 10x that amount.  Our Trainers are incredibly talented, speak the language, know the culture, and highly effective. Please consider assisting us in paying a more equitable salary

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