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The Journey

Discipling Christ-centered Farmers

 I was granted a year of leave from the Des Moines Fire Dept. to live with my family in Zambia in 2013, and Agrihope was born.  I'd seen a lot of different ministry models prior to moving there, but when I learned about Farming God's Way, I knew this was the single best resource and network to build a ministry from.  The idea of forming a ministry was basically thrust upon me when I realized how many missionaries from America and farmers in Africa have yet to hear the message that: Africa is not poor, God has given Africa all the resources it needs, that poverty is a condition of the mind and not of the wallet, and that God cares for everybody, regardless of their skin color or geographic position.  We have a lot of work to do, but it has been an amazing journey so far.  Our supporters believe in what we are doing, and our staff is truly incredible.  We're 4 countries in and just getting started.  Come walk this out with us!


CEO: Agrihope Inc

Mickey Kinzenbaw

A Conversation

James Mambo has been a part of Agrihope since 2016. James believes so much in what he is doing.  He's been able to work in a number of countries since joining our staff including Sierra Leone, Ghana, Zambia, Malawi, and South Africa.  Click on the video to listen into the conversation Jason Mason had with him about his work, his mission, and his passion for Farming God's Way.  He is a man who knows how to serve.  He also knows how to transform lives in his continent.

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